Studies and Reports

Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) Independent Science Panel Based on Review of Draft DRECP
Materials - August 2012: The Independent Science Panel reviewed the DRECP draft plans and slammed them for their inadequacies
and lack of protection for healthy ecosystems and threatened desert species.
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Impacts of Visitor Spending on the Local Economy - Joshua Tree National Park, 2010: Total visitor spending in 2010 inside
the park and in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and Twentynine Palms was $58.8 million including $6.4 million inside the park.
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ECONOMIC OASIS: Revealing the True Value of the Mojave Desert: This report highlights the substantial economic and
other benefits of protecting the Mojave, reinforcing why it merits protection. It concludes with recommendations on what we must do to
adequately protect and preserve this special place - now and into the future.
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Morongo Basin Conservation Priorities Report: A strategy for preserving conservation values: In 2008, the Open Space
Group and the Sonoran Institute implemented a community-wide regional conservation planning process from which emerged five
conservation values that were used for setting conservation priorities for the Morongo Basin.
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Morongo Basin Alternative Futures: Between 2006 and 2012, communities in the Morongo Basin of California came together as
the Morongo Basin Open Space Group to develop and implement collaborative approaches to regional conservation planning.
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Model Desert Wildlife Connectivity and Habitat Overlay Ordinance: In 2010, the Sonoran Institute obtained funding from the
Patagonia Environmental Grants Program to support the development of a model wildlife protection overlay ordinance for desert
regions, with a focus on the project lands of the Morongo Basin Open Space Group.
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Argonne National Labratory and U.S. Department of Energy: These powerpoints are from a Solar Workshop held on
February 20-22, 2013
Impacts of Utility-Scale Solar Development on Water Resources >
Impacts of Utility-Scale Solar Development on Cultural Resources>
Impacts of Utility-Scale Solar Energy Development on Visual Resources>
Location information
Desert Siting Criteria memo - June 30 2009
EPA Degraded Lands: FAQS, Maps, Screening
TWS  National Conservation Lands in DRECP ((National Conservation
Lands System)
BLM  National Conservation Lands
BLM - California NCL 5 Year Strategy

Cultural Information
Kaldenberg Cultural Constraints - site descriptions
Kaldenberg Cultural Constraints, Map

Morongo Basin Conservation Priorities
Morongo Basin conservation Priorities Report - 2012
Morongo Basin Conservation Priorities INTERACTIVE Web site 

Conservation Assessment & Management in California Desert - The
Nature Conservancy
Sonoran Desert Conservation Framework - 2009 (Sonoran Framework
January 2009)
Mojave Desert Ecoregional Assessment - 2010

Economic Information
MCAGCC Economic Impacts
Economic Benefits Desert Wildlands -TWS Study  (Economic Effects
Mojave Desert)
Economic Effects DRECP & PEIS - TEC
Harvard Study - JTNP
University of Idaho JTNP Visitor Survey 2010
Univ. Idaho JTNP Tourism Impact on Local Economy   (Univ Idaho Economic
Effects JTNP)
Description of Important Tourism Areas - TEC
Map - Tourism Economics Commission (TEC)
Map - 29 Palms-Shoshone Scenic Byway

Scientific Studies
UCR Gaps in Desert Research
USGS Environmental Solar Unknowns-Lovich/Ennen
USGS Environmental Wind Unknowns-Lovich/Ennen
USGS Assessing Geology of Large Solar Projects - Poster
USGS Assessing Geology of Large Solar Projects - Script (2x Assessing
energy installation footprint in M. Desert)
USGS Influence of stream channels on Larrea and Ambrosia in Mojave
USGS Groundwater Recharge in Western Mojave Desert
USGS Mapping Perennial Vegetation
USGS Monitoring Ecosystem Dynamics in Mojave Desert
USGS Sediment Yield in the Mojave Desert
USGS Soil Surface Susceptibility to Wind Erosion
Carnegie Mellon - Regional Variation in Solar Generation benefits -2013
Carnegie Mellon - Supporting document for Regional Variations - 2013
Morongo Basin Tortoise Occurrence >
Biological Soil Crusts and Wind Erosion
Lovich and Ennen Wind energy and wildlife
Lovich & Ennen Solar Energy and Wildlife
Climatic variation and tortoise survival
Defining the burden of proof in conservation
Environmental impacts of utility-scale solar energy
Environmental impacts - Hernandez 2014

DRECP Scientific Analysis
DRECP 2010 Independent Science Report  (2x DRECP 1000-2010-008-F)
DRECP 2012Independent Science report

BLM National conservation Lands and DRECP
TWS  National Conservation Lands in DRECP ((National Conservation
Lands System)
BLM  National Conservation Lands
BLM - California NCL 5 Year Strategy

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Studies & Reports
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